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Individual Directions Inventory
The Individual Directions Inventory explores hidden drivers and untapped sources of energy,
connecting motivation and behavior in innovative new ways to empower individuals and
organizations to make unprecedented progress toward their goals.

A flexible assessment for use in:
  • Executive coaching
  • Selection
  • Development and retention of high potential leaders
  • Outplacement, retirement and transitions
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and culture shifts
  • Team development
Many individuals become aware of the need for change but
become frustrated when, despite their best efforts and
intentions, they cannot break free of unproductive patterns.
Identify specific leadership practices needed to achieve your organization’s strategic

Understand the leadership behaviors currently in practice and the gaps with the
desired state

Provide leaders relevant, insightful feedback  from a variety of observers.

Build action and accountability into the leadership development process

Provide constructive coaching suggestions for key areas of leadership development.
Are you ready to experience the powerful insights
• Reignite individual energy and illuminate  opportunities for growth
• Highlights aspects of an individual’s ideal environment and strengthens team.
• Builds a roadmap for channeling motivational energy to support objectives
• Supports, organizational coaching, executive transition and candidate selection
Tales of Terror: Three
Scary Moments in 360
Feedback (and How to Fight
By Lucy Sullivan

Why Pausing to  
Access Wisdom is
Worth It.
It will helps us avoid making
careless mistakes
WATCH VIDEO by Lucy Sullivan

5 Ways to Banish the
Myth of the Heroic
Leader (and Start Getting
Stronger Results with
Shared Leadership)

Delivering results is
more than setting
ambitious goals
By Maria Brown.
Most leaders want to be
seen as delivering results.
This is done by
accomplishing a great deal
and focusing on
measurable outcomes

opportunity and change
By Andrew Rand
I used to think I lacked the
ability that allowed me to
recognize when opportunity
existed. Even worse, I
thought I lacked the ability to
adapt to change
MRG Personal Directions® goes
beyond the workplace and into the
world, providing people with
life-changing insights.

MRG Personal Directions®
measures 18 life architecture and 11
quality of life variables to provide
individuals with clear, powerful
feedback on how they see
themselves in significant areas of
their lives. Capitalizing on the insights
this feedback brings,

MRG Personal Directions® lays
a deep, robust foundation for both
career development and personal
growth to foster individual success at
work and in life.

MRG Reveal:
What individuals want from their world
Areas of life where individuals have
chosen (both intentionally and
unintentionally) to invest their energy
and resources

Contact Us for

Unique insights into how
individuals feel about the
investments and choices they
have made.
Actions to consider, based on what
they now know about themselves, as
they look into the future.

An especially powerful tool in
coaching, Personal Directions also
provides important insights during
transitions such as high potential
development, readiness for new
assignments, and pre-retirement
With MRG's unique approach,
you can be sure you are
working with tools that are
proven, yet flexible enough.
Affiliating: The four Directions of the Affiliating Cluster share a common
objective of gaining satisfaction through close connections with others. These connections
include giving to others, receiving care and support, seeking group settings and activities, and
expressing one’s thoughts and feelings openly and spontaneously.

High scores on the Affiliating Directions imply that you are willing to become close to others
and allow them to know you truly well
Discover and nurture superior
sales practices with a unique
sales assessment tool that
explores your team’s approach.
Identify specific behaviors and practices needed to achieve your organization’s
sales goals

Set expectations for sales behaviors that are clear and consistent.

Build accountability into the sales development process.

Create selection criteria that help predict the success of sales job candidates

Develop reward and recognition programs that improve retention

MRGaccess Inc
updated 2019
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